How to get the most out of your bridal trial.


I hear these five little words from brides all too often, "I've had a few trials". Let's face it, no one has the time or money to waste on trials that yield nothing but disappointment. Here are a few tips that I think will help you get the most out of your hair and makeup trial. 

Prep! Scour the internet, Pinterest, or gather magazine clippings of styles you love. Having a few gives the artist an idea of your overall wedding vibe. The more information he/she has, the better. If you find amazing up do's that have been photographed from the back, be sure to find some inspiration for how you'd like to see the front too. Since one person's idea of loose, natural, or smokey can be much different than the next person's, pictures are worth a thousand words.  If you've had the unfortunate experience of a trial gone bad- bring photos! Seeing and hearing what you didn't like is just as valuable as hearing what you do like.

Be honest and speak up! The very definition of the word trial is to experiment, test, or try out. If you don't love what you are seeing, speak up. Little things- like loosening a curl, changing the way the hair is parted, or some teasing can dramatically change a style. With makeup, starting off with less and building is the safest bet. Remember- brows, lashes, liquid liner, and lip color all change a face dramatically. If you aren't used to these things, now is a great time to try, but ease in to it. Have a look at yourself before lashes, try liquid on one eye, smokey on the other, and switch up the look with different lips until it feels just right. Trying it all at once may overwhelm you. Often times clients feel uneasy giving feedback in fear of hurting a stylists feelings, but we are merely trying to interpret your wishes, and actually appreciate the feedback. 

Be honest, part 2. This means with yourself. Pinterest has all of us swooning over flawless, pore- less skin, perfectly tousled beach waves, and up do's that have 3x the hair that most of us have. When you pick a style, be honest with yourself. If you have baby fine hair that doesn't hold a curl, and you're getting married in July- beach waves will only look great for about 32 seconds. If you need some extra umph, clip in extensions are great to bring to your trial to try! You can find great human hair clip-ins at most Sally's Beauty supply, and those are great for all. Consider things like skin type and texture, eye shape, and skin undertones when looking for makeup inspiration. 

The skinny on airbrush. Disclaimer- it's not for everyone! Some gals love it, some don't. When we hear the word "airbrush" we automatically think flawless, retouched skin, and overall perfection. Really it's just another way to apply foundation, and there are pros and cons just like anything else. Great airbrush candidates: Summer brides, brides with oily skin, and brides who think they'll be crying, sweating, or dancing the night away. Airbrush has lasting power! Brides who might not love airbrush: those with dry skin, as it tends to cling to those areas, brides with noticeable peach fuzz or facial hair, as it will cling to that also, and lastly brides who want dewey skin. Airbrush tends to be more of a matte finish.

Kill two birds with one stone. Trials are a great way to get dolled up for dress shopping, a dress fitting, or a night on the town with your soon-to-be Mr. Bring your most honest friend, and make it a party. I always suggest wearing white.

Have fun & enjoy!