Bacheloretting on a Budget, by guest blogger Aimee Lyons!

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party While Sticking to a Budget



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Planning (and attending) the bachelorette party is one of the best parts of being in a wedding. However, when you’ve already splurged on the bridesmaid’s dress and shoes, and you are setting aside money for travel expenses to attend the wedding (not to mention paying for a wedding gift), the financial hit of being in a wedding can get expensive. To help keep costs down, look for ways to throw a fun and memorable bachelorette party while sticking to a budget.


Create a Budget


The bridesmaids, and most often the maid of honor, are typically the ones responsible for planning and throwing the bachelorette party, and they should set a budget that’s comfortable for everyone. Just make sure to communicate with everyone involved. It is better to have an initial discussion about setting a budget than to have a talk when it is too late. You don’t want to risk causing financial hardship on any bridesmaids.


Create a shared spreadsheet and break the budget into categories. Include a row for the venue, transportation, food, decorations, and other extras. Separate items by what you absolutely need versus what would be nice to have. Set a budget on which everyone can agree for each category, and if you need to remove items from the budget, start with things from the nice-to-have list. Each person can pay for a category, or everyone can split the total cost.


Location and Transportation


Have realistic expectations for a location. Plane tickets are a huge cost to consider. To save money, stay in your own city and choose a nice hotel suite with a central location, then you can spend the night hitting up the local clubs and bars. If you want to venture farther than walking distance, opt for an Uber or a cab rather than renting a limo.


For the more adventurous bride, surprise her with a dance class, whitewater rafting, or a visit to an amusement park. There may even be a fun concert nearby during the weekend of the party. Many places offer group rates or discounts, and you can always look online for coupons.


Leaving the city is not out of the question just because you are on a budget. Consider taking a day trip to a beach, casino, or winery. Everyone can carpool to cut down on traveling expenses. Use sites like HomeAway to find a house nearby to rent, which are typically less expensive than a hotel.


If you do opt to travel, don’t get caught up in the bustle of party and wedding planning and forget to set up a pet sitter for your animals and to make sure you’ve taken care of home security before leaving for your trip. Nothing is worse than coming back from a great time to find your home ransacked by burglars!


Tap Into Your Creative Side


A great way to save money is to DIY things like decorations, food, and favors. For example, instead of going to a bakery for desserts, make homemade sugar cookies in fun shapes. Not only is DIYing less expensive, but you will also create lasting memories with the other bridesmaids in the process.


While you can certainly skip party favors, if you are set on providing them, that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg. Provide drinking vessels and party favors combined by offering cute mason jar glasses. A set of eight costs less than $30, and they feature lids and straws. Add some customization with chalkboard labels and you’re all set!


You really can throw a fun and memorable bachelorette party without breaking the bank. Creating a budget before you start planning is a crucial first step. Also, remember to check for discounts and get creative, but try to not get caught up in the money and stress of planning. Remember that the bachelorette party is all about having fun and celebrating with the bride.


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